Let’s art !

Undoing the stereotypes of artists, and what art is supposed to be, Aarah is more coach than teacher.  Her passion is using art as a hands-on metaphor for exploring life.  By providing a safe environment, wisdom is cultivated and participants better understand their own unique set of strengths, limitations, and vulnerabilities—and then feel free to create.

“The art process is the real teacher—not me. But, you have to show up and be brave enough to be real.” —Aarah

Need a one hour project? perfect.

Three hours? even better.

Prefer private lessons? love them.

Looking for a high quality art experience for your retreat? hi.

Need me to travel? I do.

Workshop Content

Each workshop begins with a conversation about art and the theme. After that, techniques are demonstrated and we get busy.

“I love seeing what comes out. It’s authentic and beautiful. It’s as if something new has crossed over into creation, something that was missing and at the same time, something that has always belonged.” —Aarah

Locations where Aarah Aizman has made art happen. 

Schools, kitchen tables, barns, garages, and board-rooms. Hospitals, treatment centers, psych units, and waiting rooms. Beaches, mountains, cornfields, deserts, and sidewalks.

Jerusalem, Luxembourg, British Columbia, East coast, West coast, Mayo Clinic and Amish country. 

Where are you? 

a living thing

What is art? What isn’t art?

What my teen students have to say.  

The basics

Choose from many mediums

Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Pastels, ​Ink, Paper Mache, Ceramics, ​Stain Glass 


Landscapes -  on site or from photo

Aarah helps her students see more by choosing to focusing on less.

Tree Portraits 

Based on “A person is a tree of the field” (Duet 20:19)

Still Life

Learn to paint boldly, and confidently to make your painting look alive. Learn the application of oil (or acrylic) paint—to see and build form—with light, shadow, color and mark. We will walk the line between technique and intuition.

Fruits, Flowers and then some.

Hebrew Letters & Names

They are the DNA of creation. The building blocks of speech. The carriers of our essence. Aarah’s first love was calligraphy at age 10. She is sharing the love. 

What letters are in your name?​


Pushka (Charity boxes)

Charity. Kindness. Compassion. It’s for everyone.





We set a base price, and then charge a small cost-per-person for materials. Organizations are free to charge what they like for entrance.

S E T  U P 

Aarah will arrive early to allow plenty of time for a set-up that functions and flows. 

She is adept at tailoring studio spaces in a variety of environments. 


She buys them, shlepps them, sets up, and cleans up. Easy shmeasy.



Curious? Want a fresh take on what art means to the world? Leave behind everything you’ve heard about art and artists. Aarah offers lectures to share insights on creativity, process, and storytelling. 


  • 7 Species of Israel 
  • The Psychology of Creativity
  • The Backstory—A candid look behind some of Aarah’s own art and process
  • Insights from 20 Years of Teaching and Guiding
  • Color and its impact on interiors
  • Mapping the Neuro Creative Process—Science Catches up with Torah
  • The Truth about Creativity
  • Unconscious and Artwork
  • Dreamwork Methodology Applied to Art
    (Participants are invited to send work ahead of time)