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International artist and teacher for over 20 years, Aizman is known for her uninhibited brushstrokes and bold colors. “While painting, I am tuned into the energy and movement in and around my subjects and  I absolutely love how light and shadow mingle,” Aizman explains. “This generates the sense of ‘alive’ in my paintings that people like.”   




Undoing the stereotypes of artists, and what art is supposed to be, Aarah is more coach than teacher.  Work with her to tailor a workshop to your needs.  

words & images
by Aarah Aizman

UNART | by Aarah Aizman

This book is a collection of student art and poetry from teens at Jewish Uncamp.  The mix of urgency, vulnerability and nonchalance is heroic. Piercing answers to questions about their creative process are featured along with insights from Aizman and philosopher, Manis Friedman. Prepare to be emboldened and stirred.