What goes into it, comes out of it. Let me paint your story.

Custom Art


Bubby & Zaidy

“This is a beautiful memory that I have of my grandparents—They were so special to me in my life. They would always stand at the door and watch us drive away from their home. This painting brought me back to those wonderful days. The way Aarah captured my grandparents was truly unbelievable. I was completely shocked that she knew so much about them just from a photograph. This painting was a gift for my mom. Her eyes filled with tears when she saw it. Thanks Aarah, for being not only being a wonderful person, but amazing artist.”   

—Wendy B.

WHAT TO Expect

I work from your photos or concepts and bring your vision to life in a painting. Together, we co-create meaningful art in this way. 

Your input is an integral part of creating the piece—our discussions during the process are key. After our initial meeting to discuss the scope of the painting, a 50% deposit is made. Pricing varies according to size and intricacy of content.

At midpoint, we review progress and discuss the direction. After which, the piece is completed.  Final payment and shipping is due before delivery. The amount of time it takes to complete work depends upon size, complexity, and my availability.  If it happens that you're not satisfied, you are not obligated to complete the purchase. However, the 50% deposit is non-refundable.  

My clients appreciate my visual sensitivity and intuitive abilities which help translate what it is that you want in your piece of art. I look forward to working with you!


Holy Ground

Wedding photo interpretation.

happy art owner


“Aarah was an excellent listener. It’s her goal to work in partnership with her clients. We communicated what we envisioned regarding size, colors and personalized design. The finished work of art depicted beauty and meaning. She added her own personal touches as well. Through her work, you can see the love and passion she has for art.”

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