Aarah Aizman bio photo

Artist. Educator. Friend.

Aarah Aizman

Aarah grew up among artisans—painters, inventors, musicians, scientists, and gardeners—and believes that being creative is essential in making the world a better place. She began her professional career doing ketubot and Jewish art in the 80s and began teaching in the 90s. 

In the studio, Aizman is known for her uninhibited brushwork—painting in a bold style with colors that are contemporary and surprise. “I pay close attention to the energy and movement in and around my subject and the interplay of light and shadow,” Aarah explains. “These are the key elements that translate a sense of ‘alive’ in my paintings .” 

In her workshops, she is busy undoing the stereotypes of art and artist.  More coach than instructor, Aizman's passion is teaching art in group settings and pointing out how the art process can serve as a metaphor for life. She wants to see students experiment—not strive for perfection.​ She gives workshops throughout the states and Israel covering topics such as Watercolor and Going with the Flow; Playing in the Clay; How to Paint Fast, Loose, & Bold; Color Theory; and The Truth about Creativity.

Aizman holds a B.A. in Art & Community focusing on the practical, psychological and spiritual nature of creativity. A construct which she continues to research. Aarah is an active community member—serving on a domestic abuse council, Jewish agencies, and initiating new developments.

My teachers

My students—for reminding me what is true.

My husband and children—for being the compass.

My Mom—for showing me how to be a forever beauty seeker and maker.

My Dad—for asking about my students.

Rabbi Manis Friedman—for convincing me that art matters and gets Big things done.

Patricia Kness—for connecting my heart to my paint brush.

Light—my first word.

Shadow—light’s biggest advocate.